March 31, 2016

Mary of Magdala

The Mary Magdalene encounter with Christ post-Resurrection is more poignant than I'd thought. Her grief was intense and it's easy to forget how real it was in that moment, now with the hindsight of the Resurrection. Like us, her hope was touchingly modest: merely to find the corpse of Christ. Like us, much of the time, seeking so little. She's very human, like Peter.

A commentary makes the point that it's interesting that her love was intense but her faith not so much. Her love carried her to faith.

From a commentary:
“Jesus was standing there, but either because he did not show the appearance which Mary Magdalen had known, or because of tears in her eyes, or because of her state of soul she did not recognize him. His double question was identical with that of the angels ("Why do you weep?”). With her fixed idea regarding the removal of the body, Mary grasped at what seemed some hope of finding it. This man (whom she thought to be the gardener) could tell her. In her request to the stranger she names no name, only him, him, him, as if the whole world should know who he was. In saying: ‘I will take him away’, it is ‘the audacious Mary Magdalene’, as St Thérèse called her, who speaks.“

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