March 28, 2016

Mother Angelica

Well, how about that?  Mother Angelica died on the day of days, the day of the Resurrection.  It seems as if God was putting his imprimatur on her, thumbing his nose at her critics. 

It's rather uncommon, to get the honor of dying on a major feast day. Archbishop Sheen just missed a Marian feast by a day.  Mother Teresa died five days after Princess Diana and perhaps that was the meaning intended. Fr. Benedict Groeschel died on the feast of someone he'd long admired, Blessed Columba Marmion (Fr. Groeschel wrote the forward to the Ignatius Press edition of one of Marmion's works in 2008).  Padre Pio fell ill the day after the 50th anniversary of receiving the stigmata and died a couple days later. 

Of course you can't have saints dying on big feast days else it would hurt the liturgical calendar.  If they all died on Christmas Day you wouldn't have remembrances spread throughout the year and thus wouldn't have every day made sacred by the death of one of the Lord's faithful ones. 

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