March 16, 2016

Music & Sex

So this link purports that when you listen to music on earphones you're not actually alone:

The money quote appears to be:
The moment you hear a sequence of hierarchically organized abstract sounds we call music, a multitude of associations are activated in your brain. These can include memories, emotions, and even motor programs for playing music. Together they can imply a sense of human agency. That sensation is what sets music apart from other types of sounds. “The brain interprets the structure of the music as intentionality that is coming from a human agent,” Molnar-Szakacs says. “This, combined with all the associations evoked by the music, is what makes the experience social.”
This seems to equate simulation with reality.  If your brain believes it, then it's true.

Which would seem to lead eventually, inexorably, to simulated sex acts being the same as real sex acts. Sex with robots fooling the brain into thinking they can "love".  Sad.

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