March 18, 2016

Politics Again? Sadly, Yes

Saw a poll today that said Sanders supporters would be reasonably happy with Clinton as nominee, and vice-versa.  Republican side, not so much, lol.

And I got to wondering why.  And I suspect it's because the conservative media eats its own.  There's no Drudge equivalent on the Left that beats up regularly on Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, as Drudge does on Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  You don't see Huff Post killing their brand, dissing their gang.

That's okay in theory - establishment leaders deserve huge criticism (see Peggy Noonan's columns). But an unfortunate result is that where it really matters (the ballot box) most Republican voters actually hate Mitch McConnell and John Boehner more than Hillary Clinton --  because we're going to nominate somebody so as to make her president.

Burning down the party is all well and good but I just wish we'd waited till someone other than Shrillary was running on the Dem side. I think the powerful emotive force from the Trump voters is a willingness to suspend disbelief.

I had a crush on a girl in 5th grade named. I thought she was beautiful! No one else did though, and looking back, she really wasn't that attractive.

Love is blind, and that's fine - it didn't matter to me in 5th grade that nobody else found her attractive.

But the problem with falling in love with a politician is that it actually matters what other people think. It has real world consequences, i.e. Hillary in the White House.

Newt and Pat Buchanan say Trump will beat Hillary.  Newt's the same guy who ran for president last time and won like one primary -- if he had any sense of even the Republican electorate he would not have run?

Same with Pat B. by the way back in '90s who won one primary.  I think people believe what they want to believe too much.

There's not a shred of evidence, like any poll, that shows Trump beating Shrill.  It's the victory of faith-based voting.


So Pat Buchanan is on the Trump train, predicting he'll clean Hillary's clock and win in November. He always did have a romantic streak, spending nights reading the poetry of Shelley and Keats.

Trade protectionism is stupid, ask any economist, and I mean any economist whether a conservative or liberal economist. (I think it's the only thing all economists agree on.) There's a reason both parties have been free traders since the Great Depression.  Put this down under "reality bites".  The problem with Trump and Sanders is they sell unreality.

On immigration it's just not most people's number 1 issue. It falls below jobs,  wages, etc...  People are scared. They want protection from ISIS and from declining economic conditions primarily. They're just not as interested in who flips their burgers.

So is Trump popular because of his policies or because he's a realty TV show, entertainer extraordinare? I suspect the latter.  I don't know, but I guess we'll find out if this is a Trump phenomenon or an issue-based (immigration/trade) one.  Two out of ten Americans currently support Trump. That's hardly a revolution.

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