April 06, 2016

Easter's Full Moon

Pope Benedict (then Cdl Ratzinger) on seemingly odd timing of Easter:
Nor is the season at which Easter is celebrated a chance matter, either. Via the Jewish Passover, the Christian Easter has its roots far back in the history of religions, in the realm of the so-called natural religions…In this way he quite deliberately links his mission with mankind’s whole history of belief and with the signs to be found in creation. He ties the accomplishment of his mission to this particular feast and, hence, to the first full moon of spring. To those who look at things only from the point of view of technology or historicism, this must appear unintelligible and devoid of meaning…By linking his hour to the revolutions of the moon and the earth, to the cycles of nature, we enter into the rhythm of the earth and the heavenly bodies and hear the message they have to give. Thus nature’s new morning that marks the first full moon of spring is also a sign belonging genuinely to the Easter message: creation speaks of us and to us. We can understand ourselves, and Christ, properly only if we also learn how to listen to the voice of creation.

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