April 26, 2016

The Anti-Conservative Conservative Media

This has been a fascinating election if only to see how our seemingly greatest gift (conservative radio and Internet) turned out to be our greatest enemy (and Shrill's bff!)  It's Greek tragedy.

I'm part of the problem since I find intra-party fights far more interesting than say a Chuck Shumer-John Boehner fight.  If Drudge links to a Harry Reid fight with some Republican, no way do I click on the link, but I sure do on these Republican battles.  Alas.  But there's only so much angst you can work up over a Democrat politician since they can't help themselves.

If there was a Drudge/Rush counterpart on the Left you can bet Dem party would've gotten blown up, and Sanders would be nominee.  Or maybe someone to left of Sanders, like Raul Castro.

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