June 29, 2016

Let Us Now Praise Famous Blogs

The intense blog era for me was 2003-2005 and some of the most memorable lines (for me) of bloggers varied from the mundane to the brilliant. It's funny how minor things can oft times register.

I always mean to write a definitive list. Overall I've probably learned the most from Tom of Disputations.  A tiny sampling:

Mark Shea: We are not our sins.

Amy Welborn: If the pre-Vatican II church was so healthy and wise, why did it collapse so quickly?

Tom of Disputations: I recall being gobsmacked by his motto capax dei (“capable of God”) simply because he made it sound like holiness was attainable. I also will never forget his saying that (paraphrased) that we are to forgive each other's sins, and often enough that "sinful" behavior doesn't even rise to the level of objectively sinful.

Jeff Miller: A hilarious pic of St. Therese on cover of “Pray Boy” magazine

Julie of Happy Catholic: her saying she reads books while brushing her teeth

Steven Riddle: that he double-stacked books - first time I heard you could do that (not that you'd necessarily want to since it obscures row behind).

Jim Curley: That “Curley in '12” presidential blog stocker/image!

Lee Ann Moraski was a big John Calhoun fan.

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