July 25, 2016

The DNC Emails

As NR's Jim Geraghty wrote today: "The WikiLeaks hacking of the Democratic National Committee is terrible . . . but also delicious.".

What caught my eye was how Wasserman Schultz called up Phil Griffin, MSNBC President, to complain after Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski called for Schultz to “step down”.  Geraghty writes,
That just confirms our suspicions that Democrats are more sensitive about press criticism and have more backdoor avenues to shut it down or discourage follow-ups. 
Wikileaks founder adds:
Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the president of MSNBC to haul Morning Joe into line, which it subsequently has done. I noticed this morning, Morning Joe actually discussed it themselves, trying to shore up their own presentation of, you know, a TV program that can’t be pushed around. But, in fact, they did not mention the call to the president. That was something that is still unspeakable. And it was a 180-degree flip in that coverage.

A month earlier there was an off-the-record meeting with Phil Griffin with this stated aim in a DNC email:
This is an opportunity to say hello and touch base on the timing and setting for a voting rights town hall; and to stress that we want to have greater collaboration with their team on having the Democratic Party represented on their shows. MSNBC has largely moved to having their contributors and talent do most of the on-air commentary and we don’t get many opportunities to have the Party represented. While Mika [Brezinski] won’t be there, you should point out that you’re reaching out to re-engage with her. Our relationship with NBC/MSNBC is severely frayed given what they perceive as a snub with the last debate, and CNN getting favored treatment. Griffin may raise that concern, and ideally we could lower the temperature and seek common ground. 

The DNC memos show again the twining of media folk and political folk (internecine in the Mika case, when it comes to Democrats and the media).  Here's the infamous email demanding she apologize:
This is the LAST straw. Please call Phil a Griffin. This is outrageous. She needs to apologize.   DWS [Wasserman Schulz]

I also was amused by this donor vet email:
Hello-  Can we please vet George Lindemann, Jr. to give to the DNC and attend a POTUS event? Thank you! 
A long Lexus/Nexus string was the response, along with a shortened explanation:
George Lindemann – convicted of three counts of wire fraud in 1995 and received a 33-month term in federal prison; Investigation stemmed from a federal investigation where over 50 horses were killed in a 20 year period in acts of insurance fraud; nothing new as of 5/9/16
Unwilling to see the obvious (a strenuous donor advocate), he responds: "Thank you Chad.  He would not be hosting, just writing and attending."

So it has to be spelled out: "Sorry man.  He fails for everything."

Because advocating that babies be killed in the womb is a-okay in Democratland, but not dead horses or insurance fraud.

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