August 10, 2016

A Long, Long Time Ago...

In early July of 1997 I read a NY Times article about book lovers titled When a Love of Books Means a Life in Stacks. It featured NYC authors who have huge libraries and pictured Ann Douglas (who wrote a book about Manhattan in the '20s), as well as Edward Robb Ellis, who boasted of five sets of Britannica Encyclopedias among us 10,000 volumes.  Why you'd need that even in the pre-Google days defies explanation.

I cut the page out and framed it, and it's yellowed over the nearly two decades but still represents a treasured book room item if only out of nostalgia.

I took another look at it tonight and decided to google this Edward Robb Ellis character, a man with three names. And coincidentally I find I own one of his books (A Diary of the Century). So I own books of both of the authors prominently featured in the piece.

Ellis has the distinction of having kept a diary for a record 70 years with some 22 million words. He's got me beat, with my 18 years and 3 to 4 million words. Steven Riddle surely has has double want I've done in terms of years and words.

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