August 11, 2016

Coptic Monk

Desert monk used to be atheist professor.   (An Into Great Silence sort of short film.)


Thomas D said...

There's a splendid austerity to the life of a monk, exquisitely and faithfully depicted in the film.

Jim Curley said...

Off topic - Probably asked this before, but have you read any of the Blackford Oakes books by WFB? What do you think of them? I keep buying the same exact two from library sales, get 1 or 2 chapters in and then figure out I read it before. Wondering what you thought of them.


TS said...

I read a couple of the Oakes books back in the late 80s and liked them well enough. Stained Glass and Saving the Queen. I liked them well enough, but I tend to read more for language and atmosphere than plot so I wasn't anticipating what would happen. Ps: I love your state! (SC). Met a fellow Buckeye which always happens. I call Hilton Head "Ohio South".