September 08, 2016

Why Clinton & Trump Never Say They're Sorry

The key to unlock the mystery of why we have two candidates who can never say they're sorry becomes visible by this simple Shelby Steele quote:
The problem, as always happens in human affairs, when you acknowledge a wrong, you say, 'yes, it was wrong, and we’re going to move away from that', the price you pay is that you lose your moral authority. And I think this is again one of the most important events in American history, that after the civil rights movement Americans, white Americans, but more importantly than individuals are institutions, lost a considerable amount of moral authority, because now blacks and other minorities could look at them, could point the finger, and could say, well, by your own acknowledgement, by your own acknowledgement you’re admitting that you—that America did us wrong. And so the moral authority that whites lost shifted to minorities and became extreme—it became an important source of power for minorities. White guilt is black power.  
Eureka.  You lose your moral authority and power if you admit you're wrong, hence Trump and Hillary's keen reluctance to ever admit they'd committed an improper action.  Both power mad, and thus the lesson of recent history is that admitting being wrong leaches power.

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