November 09, 2016

Euphoria v Despair

My initial reaction was a strange combination of euphoria and despair, but this morning euphoria has won the day. I've learned to stop worrying and love the Trump.*

Let's party like it's 1999, because it sure feels like 1999. Demographically and GOP-ily.

Man, there's going to be a serious hangover.  Because I believe, like Jonah Goldberg, that character is destiny and people with eyes to see know Trump's character.

But dang it, who cares right now.  Right now we have a stay of execution on religious liberty**. Right now the unborn have a fighting chance again.  Right now the Clinton Dynasty is stillborn. Right now we have Donna Brazile and the media minions disgraced, we have John Podesta and Loretta Lynch and the Obama cronies exiting stage left.  Right now we have a tonic inversion of the free speech codes, the ones that say "free speech for me, but not for thee!" (in other words, you're a racist if you say anything unorthodox).  Right now it seems indoctrination via government schools and universities isn't foolproof.  I think people really don't like to be told how to vote.

I did the write-in deal for president but right now feel I've been given a gift by my way-too-brave compatriots who voted for the triumph of hope (i.e. Trump could be a decent president) over experience (Trump sucks).  I pray I'm wrong, of course, and will have reason to look back with gratitude on those who pulled the lever for the Orange Menace Hope.  Stranger things have happened. I think.

* - Said so that Trump's secret police won't have me thrown in jail after reading my blog.
** - At least Christian religious liberty.

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