February 16, 2017

The Trumpenstein

I generally assiduously ignore Trump, preferring to savor his actions rther than his words, but today couldn't help but want to watch his train wreck of a "presser" as they now apparently call press conferences (I must've missed the memo).

Trump is a figure of interest partially because there's still the rolling shock that he's President of the United States. Maybe this is what liberals thought about Reagan in '80, a minor league actor.  Trump is also of interest simply because he's so resolutely coarse and vulgar while, at the same time, on the side of the angels on policy (mostly; I dislike his trade views).  Lastly he's of interest simply because he's so damn comfortable in his own skin.  By media standards he's about as unhip as you get: old white guy with odd hair.  And yet he's overcome the disabilities of presentation.  The confidence he exudes, I imagine, confers confidence to all the old white guys who voted for him.  Trump's the new black.

His performance at the press conference was the stuff of wonder if only because he's taken authenticity and casualness to a new level.  Casualness with the truth, for sure, but also casualness as far as just being himself, not putting on airs, just acting like he wasn't at a press conference but at his backyard barbecue.  Only he was frying reporters, not burgers.  It's no small thing to be the first casual president.  No wonder his big Inauguration song was "My Way".

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