April 13, 2017

Happy Triduum

Kathryn Jean Lopez goes on a 30-day retreat./

That's hardcore.


I tend think people who for Lent give up social media and/or reading the news are engaging in a 'win-win': a win for God, and a win for man. (Giving up chocolate or coffee is a win for nobody.)

I say that after gluttonously consuming news after earlier-than-normal 6am wakeup. In this case I got all fired up over the dragging of a "volunteer" off a United flight for insubordination. I fired off emails to both senators asking that the fraud the airlines pull (that of intentionally overbooking) be banned. As if that's the most important thing in the world. As if the Egyptian Christians shouldn't be news item number one. Oy. I'm so easily roiled over the wrong things.

You get the feelings Christians in Egypt (and Europe, long term) are like the Indian tribes of this country circa 1840. Soon to disappear. Which means it's a good time to double up our faith and hope.

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