May 03, 2017

GOP Still Tail-Tucked After All These Years

I rue the day the GOP went down the shutdown path during the Gingrich years because we've been paying for it ever since.  It's like the Dems discovered a new source of unbelievable power, like when foes of Superman suddenly discovered that he's allergic to Kryptonite.  

Repubs get played every time since Dems and Reps know exactly how script goes: GOP gets blamed for shutdown, national parks close, social security checks don't go out, military vets denied health service, and there's no way to win that battle simply because constituents of Dems will not blame Dems, while constituents of Repubs will blame Repubs.  Heads roll, capitulation happens and life goes on. 

I went on Drudge yesterday and chuckled to see that Ryan and Congress got the blame instead of 45.  The Drudge-Trump bromance continues!  But not with Ann Coulter - she handed Trump a tongue-lashin'.  She said Republicans in Congress are useless but that is well-known information; we hired a crazy person to do what congress can't.  And he ain't.  

Trump's promising a shutdown in September.  Easy to say that in May. 

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