May 13, 2017

Trump and Gore Vidal: Soul Mates

Was reading the Parini bio of Gore Vidal who, like Trump, was big on feuds and walls of magazine covers depicting himself.  This sounds  eerily familiar:

"[Vidal's] phone calls often began: "What are they saying about me?" To a somewhat frightening degree, he depended on the world's opinion...On the wall behind his desk were twenty or so framed magazine covers, with Gore's face on each one. I asked 'What's that all about, those covers?' He said, 'When I come into this room in the morning to work, I like to be reminded who I am.'
"I took his narcissism was, at times, an exhausting and debilitating thing for Gore, as it proved impossible to get enough satisfying responses. He required a hall of mirrors for adequate reflection, and there was never enough. The nature of the narcissistic hole is such that it can't be filled."


Kevin Hammer said...

Unrelated, but thought you would enjoy: Cleveland paper is running series about creating a 51st state with Cleveland as the center, so as to escape the great unwashed masses in the rest of the state.

TS said...

Oy, that's a new one on me, although I wrote a friend recently that we'll reach the point where northern liberal Ohio secedes from southern conservative Ohio and Appalachian Ohio secedes from "Rino" Central Ohio and on and on.

We'll end up with countries of one to three people in size, lol.