January 08, 2018

GUTD Parody

I'm a subscriber to the daily devotional Give Us This Day despite its association with the controversial Fr. James Martin of liberal Catholic persuasion.

Oft times the "saint of the day" is of a non-canonized non-Catholic, such that I thought I'd parody it for your amuse-ification:
Blessed Among Us

Che Guevara 
Marytr 20th Century

Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentine hero and major figure of the Cuban Revolution, a revolution that resulted in the finest health care system in the world (source: Michael Moore).

Guevara was instrumental in setting up assisted living facilities throughout Cuba (less generously called “forced-labor camps”).  Dissidents, gays and devout Catholics could be found in these accommodations, a wonderful early example of multiculturalism.

He was additionally headmaster of an educational facility for five months, also known as the La CabaƱa Fortress prison.

While there are varying accounts of how many people were executed under his command during that time, and how many deaths could be attributed directly to Che as opposed to the regime overall, the many journalists and businessmen that faced death were treated humanely prior to execution and freed from all capitalistic debts.  Any assets they may have had were distributed fairly and equitably among the revolutionists.

Che was a such an effective advocate for the poor that generations of Cubans have been able to enjoy the poverty he fostered.


Bob the Ape said...

A fellow named Che, it is said,
Wore a dashing beret on his head.
Those who don't know him well
Think that he's rather swell;
Those who knew him are - as a rule - dead.

TS said...

Ha, laughed out loud! That deserves a wider audience Bob.

TS said...

Just read that limerick to my wife and she thought it funnier than my post. How dare you sir!

Bob the Ape said...

Oops! (And thank you.)