April 24, 2018

John Ch. 6 Condensed

Jesus feeds 5k, everyone excited to find out their flesh taken care of. New Moses same as the old, good stuff.

Jesus contemplates overnight, sees he needs to take the next step now that they are maximally open to his message (bellies full,  trust in his miraculous powers high).  Now is the time to test them like the angels, when God revealed his plan of becoming man to them and many rebelled since they didn’t see much use in humans. “Don’t go slumming Lord”, Lucifer said, “I ain’t gonna worship no lowly human let alone a piece of bread.”

The Jews go look for Jesus, wanting more Moses-food, and Jesus says don’t work for that kind of food.

They say whatcha talkin’ about Willis?

He says work for the eternal kind.

They ask how can we do the works of God (i.e. get our own food then via our own miracles)?

He says the work of God is to believe in me. Full stop.

They ask “why should they go out on a limb and trust you if no free meals?”

He says I am the free meal.

They say hey now, we know your parents.

He says my flesh is the life of the world, your flesh is useless.

He sees this offends them and says “what if I ascend to Heaven then where you going to be if you don’t see eternal life, meaning real life, is what matters?”

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