July 30, 2018

The Money Quote on the Woeful Shepherds

A Dominican priest, Fr. Peter on Twitter hit the jackpot, inasmuch as how these bishops and cardinals have such super-clean consciences:
One of the sources of scandal in the Church is bad moral theology. Specifically bad fundamental moral theology.

It's not quite that they reject norms about sexuality, or that they don't see those norms as a part of God's plan for our flourishing and happiness. (Though that certainly is a part of it as well.)

It's that, for all intents and purposes, proportionalism and fundamental option theory are alive and well in our church--because that is how our current generation of leaders was trained to think. They don't really believe that certain actions are intrinsically evil from their object alone, apart from their intention.

This isn't just about sexual matters. It's also about truth in speech. Which is why lying and covering up are so common.

For instance, I once had a superior who quite directly told me that he could lie to me or about me with a clean conscience, because he had a good intention for doing so. He didn't feel the slightest compunction for the damage he did.

It never occurred to him that he had to follow Catholic moral doctrine when he was doing his job. Bad fundamental moral theology has corrupted the practical reason of too many church leaders.

And since leaders generally have a (sometimes unjustifiably) high view of themselves, and since they pick other leaders, they tend to select for these traits, thinking them to be good leadership qualities, and continuing the cycle.
Helps explain the inexplicable.

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