August 16, 2018

Irish Fest 2018

Irish festival in Dublin, Ohio was a few weekends back. Dublin Ohio, incidentally, is more Catholic and thus more Irish than Dublin, Ireland. Who could've known?

Started with the Hooligans band after long drive from work. The to “Jiggy”, direct from the olde sod, a various-influenced band. Not too bad - at least not overly familiar. Female singer like a lounge singer. Short gold dress that hugged, with lots of cleavage for those who aren’t leg men.

Moved by a song that spike of an Irish legend, how a man lost his dear wife and after her death she reappeared to him in the guise of a beautiful woman (a stranger to him) and he refused to make love to her as he was still in love with his wife. Poignant. And intriguing as it touches on the male’s weakest point, his concupiscent sex drive, which is precisely what makes the story go, the nature of sacrifice. It would’ve been less impressive by a half if the sexes in question were flipped. It’s precisely that God became man that gives the story of the Incarnation likewise it’s juice.

Then headed over to meet up with Mark and Sandy to catch Bridget’s Cross. Again it felt overly familiar and I was losing steam.

Irish mass Sunday morning with Fr Stephen Hayes. A rousing homily as usual. He said our relationship with Christ is like a marriage, it takes work and that Jesus is sometimes prickly, and “feral”., in Father’s interesting choice of word. You can’t put Jesus in a box.

He said he recalled an old Irish lady who offered Father tea before he was to hear her Confession. As she walked by a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus she gave a stare that “would’ve killed Christ again had he not already rose.” He asked what was the matter and she said she was mad at him for failing to answer a prayer of hers but, she added, it’s “just a lover’s tiff.” Father could tell by that she had a close relationship to Jesus and that He was real to her, in all His prickliness.

Bright white-hot day, swelteringly authentic August heat. Watched the battle of the pipe and drum bands and got chills hearing the bagpipes playing the Marine hymn.

Heard interesting Spoken Word character (re-enactors) giving tips on the unsavory practice of stealing bodies for medical research back in the 1800s. Surprisingly well done! Costumes were priceless and toothless savage dude perfect. They must have had stage acting experience.

Later hit a bit of Drowsy Lads with Mark and Sandy and then The Town Pants at Celtic rock. With a name like that they gotta be good.And yes, a nice quench of amplified Irish! I drank in the wall of sound to the tune of a Guinness. Resilience is a beautiful song.

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