August 22, 2018

Shepherds as the '62 Mets

As a FB friend put it, it would be darkly comic if it wasn't so serious. I'm not sure what's preferable: silence from bishops or the insulting responses, the latter a sordid mix of blaming the victim and claiming an ignorance that conjures the spirit and morality of Sgt. Schultz.   Such as Cardinal Farrell, head of the Vatican office for laity and family, who said he was "shocked" when he heard the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick.

From a Catholic News Agency article:
"[Cardinal O'Malley] added that the U.S. bishops are all 'anxious to understand' how McCarrick became a bishop, archbishop, and cardinal if there were known allegations against him, given the vetting process that bishops have to go through before they are appointed to such positions."
A FB friend nails it:
"Really? I, for one, think we're getting to understand this pretty damn well. McCarrick was made a bishop because he a) had stellar fundraising and self promotion abilities, b) had the support of other powerful clerics whose favorite sport was sleeping with other clerics and c) benefited from the chosen blindness of other clerics who chose not to see even what was shoved under their noses as O'Malley did in this case.

And remember, O'Malley is 'one of the good ones' in terms of bothering to deal with clerical abuse. Many others are WORSE."

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