January 22, 2019

The Bear is Woke

Fixating on infuriating unfairness of the Covington Catholic kids controversy. Between that story and the Buzzfeed kill piece on Trump it’s been high season for the joke that journalism has become.

Like it or not, we’ve woken the bear. The bear meaning the mainstream media’s overt and menacing bias.  It's enough to drive one into wearing a MAGA cap.

For years we limped along, trying to placate the bear, trying to distract it with bread crumbs. Oh we all knew it was dangerous and biased but we winked at it, saying in effect, “Oh you mean old bear, we know you want to eat us, but we respect your position in society and we’ll go to your Ursine Correspondents’ Dinner and we’ll meekly apologize for our conservatism if you let us do business with you.”

The thinking was analogously, "Never mess with a mammal that spills blood by the barrel."

But two things fatally (fatal for conservative causes I'm thinking) enraged the bear: one, creating a more friendly, alternative bear (Fox News) to work with.  A niche bear, which was a provocation like no other. And two, electing Donald Trump, bear-hater-in-chief.

Now the die is cast. All that remains is supporting the hell out of conservative legal causes, and to journalistic entities National Review, and to more centrist big media types like WSJ.

Long term, I think we'll have to figure out a way to support legal outfits in part because the national media at best ignores and at worst encourages anti-American behavior on religious freedom.  Which is infuriating since that means giving money to lawyers instead of to the poor or for evangelism.

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