January 16, 2019

The Daily Outrage (film at 11)

A lot of news to process of late. “For we are brought very low,” said the Psalmist and indeed the Church has been humbled. Gone are the days when Catholics could take secret pride in our pontiff before other Christians, be he JP II or Benedict. Gone are the days when we could even trust our bishops to tell us the truth.

There’s something healing in it, like how forest fires destroy but ultimately contain the seeds of rebirth.  There’s certainly a relief in not having to pretend that things are fine. When you’ve been stripped of clothes and are standing naked, you don’t have to try to hide that middle-age paunch. It is what it is.

I’m still taken aback by the downfall of Fr. McCloskey coupled with the devastating early Alzheimer’s onset. I fight against the highly irrational narrative that wants to link the two, either in an early sign of the disease by way of lack of impulse control or as divine punishment (perish that thought, good Lord).

His story is another reminder to embrace the truth about us: we are worthless and we are priceless. It’s a constant effort to keep both in mind given (my) tendency to veer towards admiration or disgust.

Speaking of the latter, Cardinal Wuerl’s denial of previous denials and subsequent admission of forgetfulness after ... oh, heck, it’s way too hard to keep track. It’s all sitcom all the time, Jack Tripper pratfalls and "nighty, nights!"  We're all naked now.

I also felt disgust over the treadmill of outrage (hence this outrage) over so many people clicking on the G*llette video and thus rewarding the company. But it works! That’s what publicizers are paid to do. Create publicity. One can hardly fault someone for being good at their job.  And I certainly engage in my share of hyped outrage so it's hardly fair to quibble with how others get their daily quotient.

Really, this is no time to be an INTJ.  It's too target-rich an environ.  In times like these I wish I were an INTP.

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