February 15, 2019

Of Dogs and Gospel

One of the inexplicable things about Max and Maris is how when I’m praying, Max will leave and Maris will enter the room.  And Steph was holding her Christian small group at our house last night when they began to read Scripture.  Max exited, Maris entered. 

I’m going to have to get some holy water and spritz it on Max.  Take him to St. Maggie’s for the St. Francis day blessing.

Speaking of dogs, local priest Fr Charles on the “dogs” gospel (Mark 7:24) where the woman asking for a healing said even the dogs get scraps from beneath their master’s table:
“This is the only time I can think of in the gospels where Jesus is bested in an argument. And it comes not from a learned professor of the law or Pharisee but a simple Gentile woman.   We can say the woman won the argument but in a way Jesus won too, won from her a deeper level of faith, trust and humility.  If we’ve felt insulted by God’s silence to our prayers, this gospel is for us. We’ll know we’re on the right track if our response is change within like this gentile woman, to realize we’re not “owed” anything by God in terms of his justice. God plays hide and seek with us, like all lovers. We must not be too proud to play it with him. We must not be too “rational” to play.  Jesus loses the argument and wins our hearts. We win the argument by losing our hearts.”

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