February 06, 2019


Surprisingly stirring State of the Union last night. Trump’s gut instincts on what appeals to average people are pretty impressive. Said a lot of things that ring true and that “needed saying”. Reaganesque in a way, since Reagan had that same quality of just telling it like it is, consequences and media hissy fits be damned.

I feel like Bush 41 and Bush 43 State of the Unions were always ducking hard truths and trying to “bring everybody together”. Which is a fool’s errand - none of these speeches bring anyone together really. Bush 41 didn’t even win a second term and Bush 43 was Hitler for the Left no matter what he said.

The only purpose, I think, of these speeches is to inspire those who voted for them. Unfortunately it’d been so long since I heard a Republican president inspire me that I couldn’t understand the appeal of them or why anyone watched. Until last night. Now I get it and understand why Obama’s tedious lectures were so charismatic for his minions. Now it’s our turn, with Trump, to explain our world view, or closer to it. It’s a beautiful thing when Trump talked about the value of human life. He took the Dems to the woodshed on abortion, as well he should. Confronted the Sanders crowd with the evils of socialism in context with Venezuela. He made a bunch of smirking women in white jackets look like jackasses.

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