November 21, 2020

We Get the Voting Systems We Deserve

The case for electronic voting fraud is getting more interesting. Certainly that Canada resisted the siren call of digital voting was interesting in itself. I googled for links from mainstream media publications prior to 2020 given that back then journalists were more curious. Of course it’s the media so all has to be taken with a grain of salt but at least the articles were written when the hysteria was at level 5 instead of defcon 10. 

A lot of interesting things concern an Eric Coomer, VP at Dominion.  Snopes can’t confirm or deny that on social media he posted pro-Antifa garbage or that he said that Trump would not win because he would make sure it wouldn’t happen.  Intriguingly, he was removed from the Dominion website listing. Why wouldn’t they stand behind him if all of this was slander? 

But that is distraction to the main issue of the question of the vulnerability of our election system.  Best I can tell, its introduction came through the best of intentions, to help the disabled to vote.  The Trojan horse of good intentions housing the demons of hacking vulnerability and lack of transparency is American life over the past century writ large, right?: a tenderness leading to the gas chambers. 

But don’t believe me, believe Dr. Eric Coomer.  Here are his own words at a California public hearing in 2010:

“Voting systems have a security life span.  What's safe today may not be safe tomorrow.  A good example of this is a FIPS 140-2 level military standards were cracked at the end of 2009.  These were certified USB drives as secure as encrypted devices.  And there was a fundamental flaw they were compromised. So immediately one of the vendors has been coding to fix that leak... And again the encryption or requirements were secure, but the way it was implemented was not. And it still got certified.  We have the same in the voting industry...Vulnerabilities come to light after the fact.” 

Have we given Eric Coomer and his ilk the keys to our democracy? 

From the Colorado Sec of State website:

“Never let a crisis go to waste” say Dems — why can’t Republicans use this strategy to go after vote fraud and have something good out of this train wreck.

Personally, I don’t care if Donald Trump won or not.  It may be to the conservative's advantage to lose the presidency and re-take the house in 2022 since midterms are usually hell for incumbents.  

But I care deeply if there was tinkering with the voting machines.  That’s the basis of a democracy and will make me a single issue voter next time.  I will vote for a pro-abort Democrat if they were legitimately anti voting corruption because if we don’t get the voting right then what point is voting based on the abortion issue?  As they say in business, voting is the critical path item. And shame on me for not taking Democrat concerns about voting prior to this election seriously. 

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