January 13, 2021

A Special Conspiracy Theory Edition!

So they say the penchant for conspiracy theories is in the American blood, indigenous, which makes it all the more important to resist the sway where you can. (Sometimes you can’t: i.e. Jeffery Epstein). So it would’ve been prudent to take this natural fact of human nature and avoid needlessly opaque measures around, say, our voting system. We fully deserve the conspiracy theories around the Dominion machines since it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that centralized voting would result in assertions of widespread fraud. 

Way back in 2004 this Guardian article called out how electronic voting is dangerous because it erodes the natural limits of fraud. 

State boundaries and competing political bosses often stood as firewalls against wholesale, national election fraud. The new standardised systems with poor security arrangements allow theft to be automated and instantaneous from coast to coast.

The electronic voting story may be nothing more than a case of engineering incompetence blended with corporate greed living alongside political expediency. On the other hand, it may be more sinister. 

Some conspiracists say that conspiracy theories are planted by nefarious bigwigs in order to hide or distract from tamer but still illegal activity.  Who knows? Turtles all the way down.  The true conspiracy theorists are those who say all the conspiracy theories are false. 

Which brings us to a figure of interest. Catherine Austin Fitts seems a perfectly impressive citizen but with some really, really wild theories about what’s happening of late, from covid vaccines to GMOs.  

An investment banker, she became “the first woman promoted to managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and became what Businessweek described as ‘Wall Street's foremost champion’ of public utilities bonds.” She was later appointed as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing in the Bush 43 administration where she was "billed as the 'cleaning lady of HUD', charged with repairing its reputation in the aftermath of the savings and loan crisis.” 

She wrote the forward to a 9/11 truther named Michael Ruppert who “moved on” to worries about peak oil:

According to The Wall Street Journal, his book Crossing the Rubicon was a "favorite among conspiracy theorists." After writing it, and subsequently moving on to peak oil, he said "I walked away from 9/11 five years ago," he says. "I have nothing to do with the 9/11 truth movement."

Critic David Corn argued that Ruppert on occasion veered off into making unsubstantiated conspiracy theory claims and has criticized Ruppert's methodology, dismissing the idea that conspiracy theorizing is useful: "In fact, out-there conspiracy theorizing serves the interests of the powers-that-be by making their real transgressions seem tame in comparison."

His book was made into a documentary and shows the seductive nature of conspiracies: 

"The power of 'Col­lapse' is that Rup­pert ... never sounds like a crack­pot," En­ter­tainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiber­man wrote af­ter the movie's Toronto International Film Fes­ti­val pre­miere in Sep­tember. "You may want to dis­pute him, but more than that you'll want to hear him, be­cause what he says—right or wrong, prophecy or para­noia—takes up res­i­dence in your mind."

Still, his 2009-era comment certainly resonates today given how covid killed off a zillion small businesses: 

“Un­til you change the way money works, you change noth­ing. The cur­rent eco­nomic par­adigm calls for in­fi­nite growth, from frac­tional re­serve bank­ing to com­pact in­ter­est. So Wall Street needs to some­how help us find an econ­omy that works with­out re­quir­ing more and more con­sump­tion.”


So let’s look at Jimmy Akin’s podcast on the “Great Reset” and Davos and covid being released to accomplish globalist control:

--Let’s start with the most extreme theory—that the World Economic Forum released the Corona virus in order to create the opportunity for the Great Reset. 

I don’t see any evidence for that. And, given the alarmist nature of the claim and the absence of evidence, I would classify it as irresponsible speculation.

The implausibility of the claim also can be used to discredit legitimate concerns about the Great Reset. 

If you want your criticisms of the proposal to be taken seriously, you should stay away from this particular claim unless you have hard evidence to back it up.


Catherine Austin Fitts wild theories:

Her theory is a “transhumanism” is coming where people are injected with tracking software and mentions an IMF presentation on cross border payments where the Fed reserve chairman blanched. The head of IMF mentioned a digital global ID system and the Fed Reserve chairman moved way way from that, acting as if the IMF guy was giving away a secret. 

Goal is to manage people. Slavery is most profitable system and has been forever. More profitable than any industry and has been around forever. This allows for slavery. Universal basic income (UBI) is a way to entrap the masses, buy them off.

There are 37 branches of Federal Reserve in U.S. 34 of the bank locations had riots. Opportunity zones in 2018 were created to avoid capital gains. Minneapolis. and Ohio too. These zones are very valuable to folks like Jeff Bezos because they can buy the property and thus have their capital gains from sale of stock free. 

She says it makes economics of building the smart grid out in the Fed cities easier, around the banks. Which is what you’d want to do if you’re going to come out with a crypto system.

Disaster capitalism it’s called. 

Satellite system being put up in the orbital platform.

Traditionally, the control behind reserve currency came through sea lanes, but as we’ve moved into space it’s been controlled by satellites and sea lanes. Trump talks about “magical weapons” in space and is hushed up. The player who has the most dominant position in space will have the power to control the whole planet.

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