June 26, 2002

Nancy Nall blogged an interesting piece on the Amish and on an article from the Fort Wayne newspaper.

Granted the Amish are prejudiced and ill-educated, but aren't they also an experiment of life before TV? Shouldn't they be different because of that (besides just being superstitious & prejudiced?). Everyone says TV and movies have altered us; shouldn't they have longer attention spans at the very least? Seemingly affected by neither Nietsche or TV (but automobile's, yes) the Amish could be a test of Jonah Goldberg's thesis.

I remember years ago on my first visit to Berlin, Ohio seeing a beer can near one of their fields and being *shocked*. I shouldn't have been. Not that beer is a specifically American thing, but our culture is so dominating and so assimilating that I should rather be surprised when any of us put up the least resistance to it. I recently finished "Crossing Over: An Exodus from Amish Life" by Ruth Garrett and she talks about the massive switch of going from full-body covering to buying lingerie at Victoria Secret. Sadly, the book barely touches on her sudden exposure to movies and television and what effect they had on her if any (she loves movies though initially by the violence).

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