August 28, 2002

Bloggin' like it's 1999
Today appears to be a blogalicious day. You bloggers out there, and you know who you are, have provided a wealth of opportunity to reflect. I'm reeling from it. There's Dylan's link from Touchstone on Merton (a must read for moi), there's Flos Carmeli's hi-laire 'deliver me from' blogsessing ("blog" + "obsessing over it"), there is a riveting piece on how revelation proceeds from Mark Shea. There is the Cranky Professor's "I like talking to invisible friends" admission, there is the Ol' Oligarch's book recommendation on "Physics and Philosophy", there is Disputation's post on beauty...there is more...there is a surfeit. Please, no mo' blogging!

Okay, I'm over being vaklempt.

1. On the matter of Mark Shea and revelation. One of the comments said, (and I'm not surprised by this), that Mark risks flying without Reason, i.e. we fly on the two wings of revelation and reason, and Mark is dangerously close to committing the treason in discounting reason. But I think Mark is simply giving God His due, and understanding what Jesus said to St. Peter: "your thoughts are not God's are thinking as man thinks". And in Job, where God says "were you with Me at the creation of the world?".

2. Okay, the other thing was the post on "beauty" on Disputations. Beauty, in the physical and auditory sense (and in others too, of course) are recognized the world over, to the point of it being scientifically proven. For instance, it is a universal phenom of facial beauty that there be 'symmetry' with respect to our features. The more symmetrical, the more attractive. Researchers have also found that isolated tribes completely unsocialized by Western culture still pick women with the best hip-to-waist ratio as the most attractive. With respect to music, the movement away from and then back towards "home" or a specific note is pleasing to the ear, as is the tone system that we are all familiar with. Atonal music is a creation in modern times and is a flagrant disregard for what the human ear "naturally" finds good. So it seems beauty has a built-in component to it, hard-wired if you will.

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