August 22, 2002

Blogs to Come: Journal & Vatican I
Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about the mental health benefits of keeping a journal while exploring possible spiritual detriments of the same. This was prompted by a magazine article I read that suggested that venting in a journal or diary can make you feel better and be happier, but can result in you loving your partner less, perhaps because negative feelings about their behavior which are buried constantly come to light. This is can be a good thing, since resents deferred are resents that build up or implode, but it also can result in a morbid self-absorption on hurts, real or imagined. (Let's keep aside for the moment of what their definition of 'loving a partner less' is, since it suggests love as purely a feeling rather than action). If one uses a journal to vent or complain, perhaps that only serves to reinforce the sense of injustice that you feel in being wronged, rather than in forgiving that person and "moving on".

Also want to blog about the thunderstorm at Vatican I.

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