August 25, 2002

the Brain's Machinations
Even my subconscious (i.e. in the dream state) understands now that it must look away from sexually explicit material. So this has resulted in some rather elaborate ruses to get by the censor. You would think that it would be as simple as dreaming of someone holding a gun to your head saying, "You must look at this pictures!", but I guess that is too crude or unbelieveable. The latest one really took the cake.

The one magazine I trust implicity and read cover-to-cover is Crisis. So you can imagine my shock and dismay when the latest issue arrived chock-full of nubile females in the altogether. The mental-wrestling in this dream was fierce, but eventually I had to go through the whole magazine and 'look' at those pictures on the theory that something would eventually explain this mystery. When I woke up, I realized I'd been had of course. I think even my subsconscious now knows that Crisis isn't Playboy. But it is fascinating the lengths the brain (or devil?) will go to in order to get one to give in to lust.

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