August 20, 2002

Email response:
"What did St. John Vianney or one of the other great confessors-of-sinners have to say about our mixed motives? You might find some talking points there.

I myself worked for a pro-life 800 hotline for my last 5 years in grad school. I realized about 3 months after I started that at least part of why I volunteered was one of those bargains with God - you know, "God, I'll do this if you'll stop my friend the pro-life activist from dying from cancer."

She died anyway. I kept going for another 4 years, until I left town. I had other mixtures in my motives, but I also came to understand that the work was more important than me, but that parts of it might not happen without me. So, mixed motives and all, it was best to talk to those people on the phone."
- M. Tinkler

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