August 16, 2002

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice... cold beer
Speaking of Disputations, he says his posts on alcohol garner more comments than anything else....Hmm, I muse. What is the special connection between alcohol and Catholics, if any? I was reading Tom Hayden's "Irish on the Inside" recently and he goes on for pages blaming the Irish propensity to drink on 1690 (i.e. the Battle of the Boyne). Seriously he blames it on sexual repression and the English, the latter having caused an environment of hopelessness. Why must everything be about political or sexual repression? Can't one drink out of the sheer enjoyment of the thing? Or to loosen the strings of a tightly-strung violin?

Watched the "Biography" tv show on John Wayne the other night. And it was said he loved to drink, and was down in Mexico on a 2-week binge and couldn't be found when WWII started. Implied was: oh, how terrible! That's not the John Wayne we know and love! But I was sort of envious. It sounds like the man was merely on vacation. The dirty secret is that men drank, and drank heavily in the 40s, 50s & 60s. Much, much less now (although I'm sure college students do their part).

Consider Thomas Aquinas' tremendous output of theological writings. When I contemplate all the thinking and study that went into them and the tales that sound apocryphal (that he had the entire bible memorized) it makes my head swim. It makes one completely understand his affinity for the Songs of Solomon - it is the love poetry that must've driven his prose. One needs the yin to that sort of yang, all that thinking about God must be counter-balanced by resting in His love. Someone once said one should spend twice as much time in prayer as in apologetic discussions.

And the consumption of a fine microbrew ale is also like poetry: an anti-intellectual act that soothes the side of the brain responsible for logic and math, by exercising the left, full of fire and creativity and the Song of Solomon.

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