August 28, 2002

I've a bit of Don Quixote in me. I love a good windmill.

We seek to have a mission in life. It is bred into our DNA. He must be a hero or die, preferably at the same time. “To protect and serve” is the policeman’s motto but should be everyone's. Listening to Seamus Heany’s CD of “Beowulf” reminds me of it. We were born to slay Grendels. To grossly switch metaphors, we were born to stand at the blackjack table and at some point put the chips down and say, “this is it. This is where I make my stand”.

Marriage, these days and perhaps always, is an essentially heroic act. It takes a reliance on God’s grace that comes close to being imprudent. (Except with you honey!). Flannery O’Connor said something about how brave an act marriage is in her book “Habit of Being”. (got to find that quote).

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