August 28, 2002

Stop me before I blog again
Cranky Prof sez:
"I have been interested to read the pro and contra bloggages and comments about Josemaria Escriva - and that no one brought up any opposition to Padre Pio when I attended that canonization this summer. Believe me, there was opposition to Padre Pio inside his order up to the canonization (and it probably continues). There was plenty of secular hand-wringing about the inappropriateness of canonizing wonder-workers in the modern world and speculations that this pope only likes to canonize people who are anti-intellectual and do good works (I think I blogged something about Edith Stein/Theresa Benedicta of the Cross being a nice counter-example to that one)."

Okay, let's start off with this: who do the truly saintly admire most? Answer: perhaps their opposite. St. Therese of Lieseux wished she were like those other saints, those martyrs, those who had "big" gifts to bring Jesus (until she realized she could symbolically feed all the parts of body of Christ by being the 'heart' of the Body).

So isn't it natural for John Paul II, who is saintly and intellectual but not gifted with "wonder-working" or famous for corporal works of mercy (at least in the sense as a Mother Teresa) to lean towards canonizing saints with these attributes? Is not Mother Teresa the perfect complement to the Pope? One serving secular needs, one serving spiritual needs, one an intellectual and poet, the other not, etc...

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