August 20, 2002

Want to be a spirtual child of St. (Padre) Pio?
Below is from the Padre Pio Foundation...I like the attitude of it, that you can't simply put your name on a list or donate and receive blessings like some sort of heavenly ATM machine:

Padre Pio once told a friend of the Foundation that if someone wants to be his spiritual child they must be a good Catholic and receive the sacraments often. Then you ask him in prayer to accept you as a spiritual child. He is the only one who can grant your request. No one else. Again, he said you must be a good practicing Catholic and you must not “embarrass” him before Jesus and Mary. Ask anyone who is a spiritual child of Padre Pio how they know they are a spiritual child and they will most likely tell you, “they just know” or “they feel it in their heart” and probably won’t be able to explain it any more than that. Some say that there are lists to be placed on but being placed on a list can’t be the way of knowing you’re accepted. It is Padre Pio who must accept you and no one else.

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