September 19, 2002

By way of preface, this poet writes about the little known holocaust of Armenia and ensuing diaspora when thousands of children became orphans and the skies were littered with the ashes of burning books - used for fuel.


’What day will you have back again’
Antranig Zarougian wrote,
‘on your dying day,
if it were given, if it were given
to relive again?”

“Not my wedding day,
he answered himself. “Not the day
of the birth of my child.
Not the hour of my greatest success.
But one day from my lost
Childhood. Any day.”

“Don’t choose a special day”
Thornton Wilder advised.
“An ordinary day
will be extraordinary enough.”

And this is the day,
Driving rolling along
Not cut down, smiling in the sun
The day we’ll have back.

by Diana Der-Hovanessian

I found a book of this poet in the "Gotham Book Mart" (with the slogan 'Wise Men Fish Here') in the diamond district of Manhattan. She is wonderful; I'll have to share more.

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