September 17, 2002

The Consolations of Rain
I claim to love the change of seasons even though, at the cost of seasonal symmetry, I wish winter were only one month long. But just as the surfeit of summer can eventually tire one, so can the surfeit of religious consolations and universal Church feast days. I can understand, more readily, the need for feast and fast and its alternating rhythm. I believe CS Lewis suggested in "The Problem of Pain" that it's possible the physical world exists for metaphorical reasons only. Thus I should gain a clue from nature. And nature, over the micro camping trip, told me that unrelenting good weather is impossible to "live up to". The weather was surreally good for Ohio; the quality of sunshine was markedly clearer and the sky shone with that Westernish blue with nary a cloud. One cannot be as buoyant as the weather required; desire is infinite, capacity limited.

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