September 06, 2002

More Fodder for Amy's Question: Then Why Bother?
Bill O'Reilly interviewed a Baptist minister who described himself as "a Baptist who lives in the south, not a Southern Baptist". He is also a professor at some posh eastern university/college whatever. Anyway, they talked about the "hate mail" O'Reilly received in response to his comments on the Bible. The Baptist minister sat there nodding his head in agreement with everything Bill said. Even when he related how as a child in Catholic school he was taught that the stories of the Bible are nothing but allegories meant to tell us that we should be good to each other. They were in full agreement that the heart of every religion is to love God and your neighbor as yourself--as if they had intimate access to the TRUTH that so many others had missed or want to negate for their own ends. I just sat with my mouth hanging open in unbelief at these two men negating the belief systems of billions and reducing those beliefs down to a one line truism. O'Reilly is no more representative of Catholicism than one of my cats. Indeed, either one of my cats, if he or she could speak English, would probably make a better apologist than either man I listened to for cats know that life is more than merely not fighting with one another or having a sentimental regard for the Great Cat above, even if Bill and the Baptist minister don't. - Kathleen Gavlas

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