September 04, 2002

On the Drying Qualities of Paint
It's almost midnight and I can't quite turn off C-Span. Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle is doing his "campaigning by driving around" thing. Every August he drives the highways and byways of South Dakota and just talks to people. Sure, it was like watching paint dry. Sure I was hoping for a miscue of some sort. I don't know, the sight of Tom Daschle walking into a 7-11 and looking for a certain type of "Twizzler" stick was just d*mn compelling, I'm sorry. So too was his preternatural calm and easy-going Dakota manner. He mentioned his hobbies and they all sounded wonderful - he loves being outside, loves to fish and hunt, loves to read, etc... Not uncommon interests I know, but they dovetail with mine. And finally, I just couldn't quite get my arms around the fact that this gentleman is contently pro-abort. I mean, he's no Kennedy...

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