September 21, 2002

On our dog Obi (aka 'Budja') in the Water*

No more a weirder sight than Budja, with his thick, muscular 100lb body, furiously defying sinking in the water. No more odd sight than our doggie in a strange environment, left to his own instinctive devices, there in mid-Lake Hope.

Yet there he be, big as life, surfing the surface, attemping to levitate his ungainly dog-body atop the water.

Looks like he’s working too hard, I feel sorry for him. He’s huffing and puffing, stream-linin’ towards you like a bead on a wire, but then abruptly he turns tail and runs back to shore like his lungs are burnin’ or something.

But I recall his flared nostrils coming at me like two steam engines and how cool it was that he seemed "worried" that daddy was too far in Lake Hope. Dang, I thought, he’s worse than Mom.

So there was Budj, not content with a duckless lake, still ready to go aquatic, pacing the ship’s bow & stern like a nervous new father.

Budj in the water is like a football player on a baseball diamond, like a professional wrestler in a ballet, like a guitar at the symphony. Yet his enthusiasm was enough to carry the day. He looked sorta like this.

* - self-indulgent post alert

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