September 03, 2002

One of the things I was thinking of in the post Amy linked to was motherhood. That is a practical example, since motherhood and sanity don't always go together. I know two elderly women who had the traditional huge "Catholic" families while paying dearly in terms of mental health. They were apparently bitterly depressed and horribly overworked. (Now we take Prozac and have small families). I wouldn't be here but for the sacrifice of one of those elderly women.

The Byzantine authors seem to presuppose that good mental health is a natural by-product of faith but I don't know. Certainly St. John the Baptist's diet of locusts couldn't have been the most advantageous physically - and isn't that the point? That health, certainly not physically and perhaps not even mental, is not the most important thing. Radical, but surely a non-starter in terms of evangelization. That's no Prayer of Jabez.

The gracious link from the Mother Blog has left me with heretofore unimaginable numbers of visitors. Self-indulgent posts like "what I did on (non)Labor Day" will wait till the tide ebbs.

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