September 09, 2002

Percy on "CA"
The phrase "Catholic Authors" sends a chill up my spine, given its perfect nexus of two loves. But "Catholic Authors on Walker Percy" is, as the kids say, da bomb. (Did I really just say that?). Fr. McCloskey's show on EWTN features Catholic authors from Blaise Pascal to C.S. Lewis (stretching the definition eh?) to the most modern offering - Walker Percy.

Walker was one of those rare types who was very familiar with science and pyschology and at the same time with St. Thomas Aquinas (having read all of Summa Theologica). That's a nice combination for our age - devout Catholic and pyschotherapist. As is Benedict Groeschel, btw. So I reveled in the half-hour discussion.

I liked Walker Percy's analogy of our situation: we are on a desert island and receive a message in a bottle. Some of us expect the message to be a detailed, empirical message that a sociologist would appreciate. A full understanding of our situation. Instead the message in the bottle (revelation) speaks to us very directly with words like "go to the North shore and wait for a boat". Now that message may be true or false but speaks to those who understand the plight they are in - marooned on a desert island. It's highly relevant to them.

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