September 11, 2002

Perhaps I should mention that I subscribe to the "Quote Protocol" as established by - forgive me - was it Disputations or Minute Particulae or? Anyway, they mentioned that quotes and excerpts are there primarily because it is something they struggle with, not as admonishments to the great unwashed masses who read them. Similarly (especially given this blog's tiny readership), I often use it for my own purposes and put quotes or make comments that I don't live up to precisely because I don't live up to them - i.e. they are there to remind me.

I've always been an inveterate collector of quotations (I still have hundreds on index cards at home - I was pretty anal when I was younger), and so this blog seems like a nice repository for them (although I wanted to be able to quickly do a search for a half-remembered quote on the main page, but because it loads so slow I had to only show 20 days' history, so now I have to check archives, etc...I know, life is tough, get out the violins!).

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