September 23, 2002

Ruminating on Disputation's Judgement Post

Possible Combinations of Judgements:
1) Harsh judgement towards others; harsh towards self.
2) Harsh judgement of others, easy on self.
3) Easy on self, easy on others.
4) Harsh on self, easy on others.

It's difficult for me to read the bible and not come to the conclusion that number four is the "correct" view. Number 3 is very attractive. Number 2 is equivalent with the Pharisees, although many Pharisees might've been number 1. Number 3 is what "liberal" churches often do, although we're all uneasy with tags.

The thing about the spiritual life that is unique for many is that in the physical life we normally like and participate in what we are good at. (There are exceptions - some golfers are terrible but still enjoy the game). The general idea is - I show an aptitude for this particular skill and then I do it a lot and eventually enjoy a certain amount of pride over that skill. With the spiritual life, there is never the satisfaction or pride, at least for me. If there is one area I no longer struggle with, it seems like it is merely replaced by another struggle in another venue. The hardest thing is to admit helplessness without giving into discouragement.

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