September 19, 2002

TS O'Rama's Email Etiquette

We have a new email policy. Please take note.

All emails will forwarded to a lay committee, who will determine the intent of the sender and consider how private the correspondence was intended to be. The party of the first part (moi) will receive the recommendation and then review said email - parse it, interpret it, deconstruct it, re-construct it, post-construct it - and then make a judgement on its publishability. An appeals process is still in the works.

All of this, of course, is contingent on my actually receiving an email. I'll never forget my first blog email. I had been bloggin' away for a little over two months, relishing my lil' tidepool, when my first email comes across. Whoa! Look at this! With tremblin' hands I clicked to it and opened it up, wondering what I might've said that would provoke such an extreme thing as the sending an email.

"Can you change your background color? It's too dark for my computer." * to my ears.

* this email transcription was not sent to the lay committee. All emails prior to Sept 19 08:20:18 GMT have been grandfathered in.

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