October 24, 2002

Stop me before I schadenfreude
We had the first annual "Bobber Beer Test" today. My friend known variously as "'bobber" (short for scambobber) and "Hambone", has bragged ad nauseum (emphasis on nauseum) that he can tell a beer's age. He bought into the whole Budweiser "born-on date" thing hook, line & sinker. Instead of considering it a marketing ploy, he goes to the supermarket wading through cases of Bud in search of product no older than three weeks old. I found it somewhat amusing, but it gives him such joy to find something say, three weeks old instead of five. Why make an issue of it?

But human preversity being what it is, I finally succumbed and called him on it. I found a 5-month old can of beer that had been stored at room temperature for most of the five months. I found a 4-week old "fresh" beer that had been always refrigerated. The beers were refrigerated overnight and poured into containers marked cryptically.

"Ahh...yes...this is the real thing...fresh brew!" he said of the five-month brew, with absolute certainty.

"EEEhhhhhwwwww!" he nearly retched as he drank the 4-week old brew.

I admit I enjoyed it all far too much.

"The four-week old beer might've been somehow corrupted by the shipping process...maybe out in the sun." - his initial reaction.

"Don't you consider this test aberrant in the sense that the first taste of beer is so exhilarating than, say, a sip from the 2nd or 3rd beer?"
- his second thought.

"No, what would be aberrant would be if you didn't provide a rationalization," said me.

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