January 31, 2003

Amy has a thought-provoking post in which she states, It's been said elsewhere that the easiest way to lose your faith is to work for the Church - and that applies to any denomination - it's not peculiar to Catholics.

There are things I'd just rather not know, like how sausage is made. I've more or less gotten my head around it; I tell my mom that there is nothing inherently wrong with politics. It is a God-given means, though sometimes as inelegant as a bathroom visit. When she argues about how calculating the Pope is in making huge numbers of "conservative" cardinals that will vote in the next papal election, I say, hopefully honestly, that if the situation were reversed and the Pope were "liberal" and was using political means to achieve liberal ends then it must be the will of the HS, at least as far as who the next Pontiff will be. Perhaps a more nuanced view is that the right man might not get the job, but that he will not teach false doctrine. More nuanced and more nuanced we become, gradually widening the circle of human error, until we allow for the greatest possible lattitude for human error, which gets it just about right. God is respectful of our freedom, and very economical when it comes to wielding power. Forty million U.S. abortions is proof of that.

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