January 19, 2003

Bellocian Comments
"Faith goes and comes, not (as the decayed world about us pretends) with certain waves of the intelligence, but as our ardour in the service of God, our chastity, our love of God and his creation, our fighting of our special sins, goes and comes. Faith goes and comes. You think it gone forever (you go to Mass, but you think it gone for ever), then in a miraculous moment it returns. In early manhood one wonders at this, in maturity one laughs at such vicissitudes...But the Church is permanent. You know what our Lord said: He said 'I have conquered the world'...With every necessity, with every apparition of tangible human and positive truth the Faith returns triumphant. By that, believe me, the world has been saved. All that great scheme is not mist or a growth, but a thing outside ourselves and time."
- H. Belloc, in Pearce's Old Thunder

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