January 19, 2003

Flos Carmeli has a thoughtful and interesting review of Hitler's Niece, a book I've come close to acquiring on numerous occasions. Since my reversion, I've attempted to limit what I read to only what I consider "healthy", i.e. that which doesn't get in the way of God. But I don't want to be a Puritan either. (Belloc's friend Maurice Baring once wrote "..then the damned Puritans cast their stinking tarpaulin of respectability over their filthy vices and pretended to be virtuous"). I'm not sure my curtailment of certain books has borne any fruit, at least as far as spiritual improvement, but see Flos's Red Queen comment. Besides Updike, I'm also unsure of Paul Theroux, whose novel "Hotel Honolulu" looks interesting.

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